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Marts 2010



Thorvald Jr & Olfert
Because I'm just crazy about giraffes ! 
For a horse fan

A small horse (7 cm / 2.76") made with the same procedures
and the same materials as the bears.

Miniature plants

The rose tree is very small. Every rose measures in between 2,5 to
5 mm diameter and every small leaf is 3 to 6 mm long.
All the leaves are made realistic thanks to 4 coats of paint, clear veins
and a coat of varnish on the darker side.
The roses are made, leaf by leaf, of Fimo clay.

The orange tree has more than 500 green leaves; all of them have
one clear side and one dark side. A coat of varnish is put on the darker side.
The oranges are made of Fimo clay.

A stable for the horse fan

The box is 30 cm wide, 19 cm high and 17 cm deep.
It is made piece by piece.
It took 2 month of regular work to make this miniature horse stable.
Except the animals, every single thing is handmade.

Miniature christmas scene

A "Danish atmosphere" for this miniature Christmas scene which is 18x10x24 cm with a chimney, a Christmas tree, presents, an Advent calendar (embroidered by hand), felt Christmas socks, books with leather covers...

Everything is made by hand except the Christmas tree which has
been bought (without any decorations).

"Nalle" the bear

Little "Nalle" (see Adopted Bears) is in good company in a
Dollhouse at Mona's in Sweden





Adopted bears
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